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self-confidence, goal attainment, and wellbeing. 



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"Working with Sol improved my daughter's self esteem and the confidence needed to take some social risks at school. My daughter is not only happier at her new school, where she has made new friends; she is also happier at home, since her school avoidance anxiety has lessened significantly."

 our services 




We are happy to offer a free phone consultation to new clients. An initial consultation generally occurs in a short, twenty-minute phone call. 

Free | 20 minutes


Services will begin with an initial assessment, generally lasting about two hours, performed in the presence of both the student and guardian. The assessment is designed to provide insight into your child’s cognitive, emotional, and social strengths and challenges. Following the assessment, one of our skills coaches will map out an individualized plan of action. We aim to best work with your unique schedule, learning style, and goals.

$250 | 1 - 2 hours


Sessions generally last about 45 minutes and occur once per week. Some clients meet with a coach for two months, while other clients meet for an entire year. Length of services depends on your specific needs and desires. Each session includes discussion, activities, skills practice for the week, and one built-in 15-minute virtual check-in later in the week.

$125 | 1 hour


Check-ins are an optional service designed to provide extra support to clients who progress best with task initiation help, consistent feedback, and accountability. These consist of 15 minute conversations conducted through phone call, FaceTime, or Skype. 

$25 | 15 minutes

 our clients 

We primarily work with teenagers and young adults. Our clients come from diverse backgrounds and each have unique learning needs. We have a wealth of experience working with students with ADHD.

When we partner with students, parents and guardians are invited into the process. We aim to inspire change through one on one sessions, but also cultivate strong family connections to encourage student growth.

learn more about our work with learners with ADHD

 our outreach 

We love partnering with Austin schools and communities to give presentations and workshops.​ If you'd like us to present to your community, get in touch!

Past Events

  • How to Succeed at Murchison | Murchison Middle School | October 2020

  • Intro to Bullet Journaling Workshop | LASA High School | November 2020

  • How to Succeed at LASA Virtual Style | LASA High School | September 2020

  • Connection: The Greatest Skill | Westlake High School | October 2019

  • How to Develop Willpower | San Juan Diego High School | April 2019


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