Being a person with ADHD symptoms

has its unique set of challenges. 

Our ADHD coaching can help. By specifically targeting the core areas that people with ADHD struggle with (time management, goal setting, organization, planning, and problem solving), we’re able to coach clients on how to create concrete action plans for goal attainment, maintain the focus they need to achieve them, and build self-control and motivation.

"Our son has sensory issues and ADHD ... He was having trouble in school with friends and, as parents, we felt a little lost on how to give our son the support we felt he needed. Sol is very knowledgeable and seemed to understand our concerns and struggles very easily. While we were pursuing a 504 for school, Sol was also meeting our son once a week to give him support and guidance on how to assess and respond to difficult situations. Sol connected with our son, but also firmly kept him accountable for his actions. She was also helpful to us and made herself available when we had questions and concerns. Working with Sol was a good decision for us and I'd recommend her support to any family struggling with behavior issues."

Research has found that people with ADHD who receive individual coaching develop better executive functioning, self-determination, and goal-attainment skills. They improved their learning strategies and study skills and were better able to manage stress. In addition, the participants had increased confidence in their ability to perform well in school and experienced increased self-esteem, self-awareness, and satisfaction with school/work (National Resource Center on ADHD).


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